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Since voting against certifying the 2020 election, our current representative has voted with the most extreme elements of his party and not for the interests of his district.  Here are a few examples of how I will better represent our interests:" 

Most Egregious




Overturning the Election

Fairness for 9/11 Families

Election Reform

Infrastructure Bill

Chips & Science

Rights & Freedoms


Equal Rights

Marriage Equality

Voting Rights


Visit America

Inflation Reduction

Small Business

DoD Put our Neighbors to Work 

Fuel Price Gouging


Science & Environment 

Cyber Security for Schools

Covid 19 Pandemic Record


Kissimmee River

Gun Safety

Active Shoot Alert

Protect Our Kids

Background Checks

Veterans in Crisis

SSA Restriction on Gun Purchases

Other Issues

Healthy Federal Workplace

Veterans Food Security

 Global Food Security

Peace Corp

Bridging the Gap for New Americans

NATO Funding

Caribbean Security

 Advanced Health Research

Government Funding

Infant Formula


Transatlantic Telecommunications Security Act


America's First Woman to Sit on SCOTUS


Energy Imports from Russia


Communities in Need

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