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Please download, sign and mail my petition to ensure that we have choices on our ballots.  Honest competition of ideas is the only way to ensure our voices are heard.

  • Ballot petitions are how candidates qualify to be listed on the ballot
  • Any Florida resident who is registered to vote can submit a ballot petition for Joanne
  • Signing my ballot petition does NOT commit you to voting for me and you can sign a petition for any and all candidates regardless of political party, but you can only sign one for each candidate. 
  • My team is closing in on getting 2,568 registered voters in the state of FL to sign my petition to appear on the ballot.  You can push us over the top.
  • Print out the ballot petition above, fill it out, sign and date, and mail it to the address below.

Joanne Terry for Congress
P.O. Box 372670
Satellite Beach, FL 32937

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