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Qualified to Run & Qualified to Serve

Almost anyone can qualify to run for office. Either make a plan, organize a team and show grassroots support by collecting the required petitions, as I have, or write a check. But are they qualified to serve?

Now that I have qualified to run for Congress, I get asked; 'What makes you qualified to serve'?

My first qualification is that I’m not running to start a new career or make money.  I’m running a grassroots financed campaign so, I am completely independent and will be free to represent the people of this district.

*  *  *

I understand the broad economic and social diversity of our district and our country.

  • I was raised by a single mother who depended on a living wage and rent control
  • I attended public schools and affordable college
  • I’ve experienced life in a large city of 10 million, a small town of 3,000 and our growing district of nearly 800,000.

I understand that one size does not fit all and I’ve become a believer in strong local governments under the framework of the Constitution.  It's the misunderstanding of our various perspectives that has led to stereotypes, fearmongering and has escalated the culture wars which threatens our democracy.   We must break through these and re-focus on local representation.

*  *  *

A successful 27-year career as a Satellite Engineering Leader in the  Space Industry shows that I have what it takes to be a voice for you in Congress.  I know how to:

  • Break through stereotypes to promote and implement our ideas
  • Bring large, diverse teams together to solve challenging problems through consensus. Focus on solutions, not blame for political gain
  • Anticipate challenges and take pro-active action to avoid them.  Address and solve problems head-on, not build walls to ignore issues because they’re hard. Satellites can’t be repaired after launch!
  • Plan long term and adhere to budgets.  Meet deadlines, sometimes working 24 hours a day up against a deadline
  • Seek and understand the details; pros-cons, for-against arguments, risks-benefits, cost-schedule. Not just believe what you’re told or do what you’re told – real leadership.

*  *  *

Recent experience on the board of the Space Coast League of Women Voters has given me an understanding of local issues as well as  the challenges in getting them addressed.    I will partner with non-profit organizations, businesses and local/state leaders to implement fiscal and legislative leverage at the federal level.   This will better utilize our efforts to address these challenges.  

My guiding principles are honesty, integrity, a deep love of country and a commitment to the survival of American democracy. There is a lot of anger on the right and the left.  But most of us just want to stop yelling at each other and get government working for us again.   My objective is to get us talking to each other instead of listening to what we’re being told about each other; like we did before the days of disinformation and media echo chambers.   

My goal is for us to be neighbors again.

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